The Program Report Template

The program report includes the following sections:

I. Contextual information
General information to help reviewers understand the program

II. Assessments and related data
Seven or eight assessments, scoring guides, or criteria, along with assessment data as evidence that standards are being met

III. Standards assessment chart
Indication of which assessments are used to determine if candidates meet program standards

IV. Evidence for meeting standards
Discussion of the assessments and assessment data in terms of standards

V. Use of assessment results to improve candidate and program performance
Description of how faculty is using the data from assessments to improve candidate performance and the program, as it relates to content knowledge, pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and effects on student learning

The report must include seven or eight assessments that address these areas:

  • State licensure examinations of content knowledge
  • At least one additional assessment of content knowledge
  • An assessment of candidate ability to plan instruction or (for nonteaching fields) to fulfill identified professional responsibilities
  • Evaluation of clinical practice
  • Assessment that demonstrates candidate effect on student learning or (for nonteaching fields) the ability to create supportive learning environments

Institutions submitting a program report in reading will receive a link to NCATE’s website and to the online program report template.

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