Constance McCullough Award

The Constance McCullough Award, which carries a monetary prize of US$4,000, is awarded annually to assist a member of the International Reading Association in the investigation of reading-related problems and to encourage international professional development activities that are carried out in countries outside North America. This award represents a specific means for working toward as many as three articulated goals of the Association: advocacy, professional development, and emerging global issues.

2015 Constance McCullough Award Proposal Guidelines

For additional information, contact the Global Operations Unit.



Dr. Theresa Deeney
Project country: Kenya
"Enhancing the power of literacy - Teacher professional development in Kenya"


Dr. Kassotaki–Psaroudaki Popi
Project country: Greece
"Early Literacy Teacher’s Professional Development for Integrating ICT’s with other more Traditional Practices in Vocabulary Teaching"


Carla Raynor
Project country: Bhutan
"Intergenerational Learning with Families at the Core"


Jackson Mukasa Kizza
Project country: Uganda
"Empowering the Ugandan Child Through Reading"


Josephine Arce
Project country: Peru
"Interactive Cognitive Strategies Used by Teachers to Improve Literacy for Bilingual Spanish Students"


Dr. Amma K. Akrofi
Project country: Ghana
"The Books-At-Last for Literacy (BALL) Project: Investigating the Impact of Access to Books and Read-Alouds on Third Grade English Language Discourse Development in Ghana"


Susan O’Riley
Project country: Guatemala
"Rural Literacy Project"


Yvonne Mhone
Project country: South Africa
“The Acquisition of Special-Field Concepts Using Explanatory Dictionaries/Glossaries in a Bilingual/Multilingual Classroom”


Margaret Makenzi
Project country: Kenya
“Use of Participatory Tools to Equip Lower Primary School Teachers in Nakuru District Kenya with Skills to Enhance Teaching of Reading”


Diane F. Sharken Taboada
Project country: Mexico
“Professional Development Teacher-to-Teacher: Planning for a Bi-National Collaborative Inquiry Project”


Obiajulu A. Emejulu
Project country: Nigeria
“Winning Back the Girl Child and Boy Child to Literacy and Literacy Empowerment”


Jane Sullivan
Project country: Guatemala
“A Brighter Future Through Literacy: Teachers of New Jersey and Guatemala Working Together”


Pamela Winsor
Project country: Maldives
“Support for Early Literacy Teacher Education in the Maldives”


Patrick M. Samba
Project country: Cameroon
“Extending and Sustaining the ‘ACT Extensive Reading Project’ in the NW Province of Cameroon”


Serah J. Nengel and Charity Andzayi
Project country: Nigeria
“A Training Programme for the Introduction of Whole Language Techniques with Deaf and Reading Disabled Pupils in Schools in Jos, Nigeria”


Janet Leigh Towell
Project country: Jamaica
“Promoting Literacy in Jamaican Schools”


Kathy E. Harris
Project country: Belize
“Emergent Literacy Training in Belize”


Margaret L. Madison
Project country: Jamaica
“Outreach Jamaica”


Marcia Mondschein
Project country: Guatemala
“Commitment + Collaboration = Literacy”


Linda Orr Easthouse
Project country: Peru
“South Conchucos Bilingual Education Teacher Training Project”
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