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    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Book Reviews: Getting the Year Started With a Good Book

    This week the members of the Children’s Literature SIG present books encompassing diverse life experiences for students of all ages. Some of these experiences are familiar, but many are novel and enriching, encouraging more learning moments for the students as they return to school.

    • The Librarians Recommend…

    The Librarians Recommend…Back to School Excitement

    It’s hard to see the summer end, but students streaming back into the classroom gets our librarians excited to book-talk students and hand-sell their favorite picks to teachers. They know some kids haven’t cracked a cover over the entire break, but these educators have been making stacks of their favorite brand-new titles.
    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Go Global! Multicultural Books for Children and Young Adults

    Just as multicultural literature for children and young adults allows readers to understand and appreciate the world around them, international and global books can help them understand the history, languages, and culture of nations around the world.

    • 5 Questions With…

    5 Questions With… Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet series)

    Kazu Kibuishi has had quite a year. It's hard to cover everything with just five questions, considering he battled a life-threatening illness that landed him in the hospital for weeks, illustrated the 15th anniversary edition box set of Harry Potter and produced Amulet 6, the next installment of his wildly popular graphic novel series.
    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Book Reviews: We Love Graphic Novels!

    The Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group, reviews some of the 2014 titles that add to the growing body of graphic novels, a genre that is hard to define. From picture book to novel or from fiction to nonfiction, graphic novels are an increasingly popular visual literary art form that tells a story.

    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Blurring Boundaries with Multimodal Books for 21st Century Readers

    The Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group, share literature selections appropriate for younger readers (K-4) and older readers (5-12) to support students’ navigation and analysis of visual images and design. Books like these often blur genre elements and are highly interactive allowing for a broader range of readership.
    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Books Can Be a Tool of Peace

    Members of the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group offer some book suggestions for titles encouraging a peaceful resolution to conflict. If all else fails, read and share a book.
    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Food For the Body, Mind, and Soul

    Whether you are feeding your emotions or intellect, you are heeding an ancient instinct when you prepare and share food.  This week’s book reviews from the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group showcase the many dimensions of food.
    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Book Reviews: Celebrating the Arts

    As the arts continue to play a critical role in supporting literacy development, the members of the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group (CL/R SIG) provide both nonfiction and narrative selections to integrate within the classroom. Each selection can be integrated within a theme and paired with other visual, print, and digital texts to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts and to explore multiple perspectives.
    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Books to Inspire Budding Writers

    This week’s book reviews provide inspiration from varied genres and themes. Using some of these books in the classroom will help students gain a clearer understanding of the issues, think more deeply and establish a better understanding of the world around them.
    • Anita’s Picks

    Celebrate Independence with a Good Book

    On July 4 in the United States, we celebrate Independence Day and independence is an important characteristic of some of the great characters in children’s books. To round out Fourth of July barbeques, I’ve chosen a dozen picture books, novels, and works of nonfiction that celebrate individuals who know what it means to stand on their own.
    • K-12 Book Reviews

    Tales from Around the World

    Join us for a week of globetrotting as we gather books and stories from around the world.
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