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App a Day

  • Building Timelines in the Digital Classroom

    My personal favorite of the Read Write Think app collection, RWT Timeline, has been recognized as a 2014 Best App for Teaching and Learning by the American Association of School Librarians. This is a well-deserved honor for an organization that has done so much to finally bring language arts instruction for the intermediate and middle school grades into the digital age.
  • Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

    School is out for summer! Is there anything better than the first days of summer break? I always have a ton of plans for the productive things I will do with my time off—after taking a few days for myself, of course.
  • Technology for Travelers: Making the Most of Your Conference Experience

    Spring is finally making an appearance, and with it many teachers are enjoying a spring break—or beginning to make plans for summer break. For many of us, time off means an opportunity to invest in professional development.
  • Enhanced Engagement through Augmented Reality

    Recently, I started noticing some of my fellow teacher bloggers talking about using augmented reality in the classroom with an app called Aurasma. With this app, students can...
  • Digital Tools for Project Based Learning

    I realized early on in this journey that I had the chance to give my students an incredible educational experience in the year they spent with me—and that even a single year could have far-reaching impacts on their future as learners.
  • New Year, New Apps: Discovering Tools for Teachers

    January is a time rife with resolutions—to be more organized, to work more efficiently, to spend more time researching new teaching ideas. When I am asked about apps for the classroom, my brain immediately begins cataloging the variety of programs that have been designed for students. But what about the teachers?
  • Language Arts Apps Save the Day

    A year and a half ago, I sat in my classroom on a late summer day and stared with trepidation at the giant vault-like cart that held the 24 iPads I would soon be integrating into my classroom. I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to enhance student learning through new technology, but it was already an overwhelming task.
  • Excellence is in the Extension: Using Practice Apps Effectively

    Do your students struggle with grammar? Mine often do. This admission sometimes feels like a dirty secret to be hidden away. Yet, the way the human brain processes language is fascinating—and incredibly intricate. In the push to meet goals and achieve grade level targets, perhaps we sometimes forget what a difficult task we are actually putting before our students.
  • Bring Kindness to Your Classroom through Social Media

    Coming into this school year, I knew that bullying could be a major concern with my new students. My school uses PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), which focuses largely on recognizing and reinforcing positive behaviors. I wanted to do something proactive that fell in line with the beliefs of PBIS, and start changing the attitudes of my students before we had a serious problem on our hands.
  • Inspiring Innovation in Digital Literacy

    I have an incredible principal. I work in an urban district, and our school has struggled for years with AYP requirements, test scores, and the effects of poverty in our community. But every summer, when our staff comes back together and prepares for a new school year, our principal is ready and waiting for us. He never fails to find a positive outlook and an inspiring message to get us focused and motivated.
  • Getting Back into School with E-Magazines

    Back to school time is upon us once again, and across the nation teachers are working overtime buying supplies, getting classrooms organized, attending beginning of the year meetings, and planning for the months ahead. As fall closes in, I encounter a mixture of emotions—a bittersweet longing for the freedom of summer, a bit of anxiety as I contemplate the changes that always accompany a new year, and excitement as I anticipate meeting my new students and putting into place all the plans I have spent the summer working on.
  • Technology Tools to Transform Teaching

    Over and over, I am asked, "What are the advantages of a 1:1 school setting?" I find it a difficult question to answer—not because I can't come up with a response, but because the person who asked often gets much more than they bargained for. I love teaching in a 1:1 setting, and the opportunity to do so has altered my classroom and my approach to teaching in innumerable ways.