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Digital Literacies

    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Facilitating Online Discussions About Text

    There are tools to help organize and facilitate online comments for the classroom and beyond.
    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Online Fan Fiction Spaces as Literacy Tools

    As literacy educators continue to question how interest-based online spaces can inform classrooms, the case of fan fiction sites might be closer to our classroom instruction than we think.
    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Using Digital Notebooks for Modern Writing Students

    These titles can draw in struggling readers and still challenge more confident ones.

    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Fostering Historical Inquiry With Digital Video Composition

    What does digital video composition look like in the history classroom?
    • App a Day

    Taking Dyslexic Accomodations Mobile

    When we talk about dyslexia, we often talk about intervention, but an equally important part of helping a student with dyslexia is providing accommodations.

    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Key Questions for Design of a Blended Learning Tapestry

    "Official” blended and online learning numbers do not reflect the number of teachers who self-publish websites to support their face-to-face instruction, or use free, subscription-based content management platforms.
    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Building Bridges Between Digital and Physical Learning

    Twenty-first century students have 21st century skills to develop and assist in growing literacy.
    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Supporting Struggling Readers Online: Tips and Resources

    As a literacy educator and researcher with a passion for supporting struggling readers online, this year’s annual survey left me pondering the mixed prospects for the future.
    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Using Web-Based Annotations to Engage in Close Reading

    Diigo, an online social bookmarking app, helps students digitally annotate texts and dialogue with each other to better understand science ideas.
    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Remix Online Content With Mozilla Popcorn

    As technologies and literacy advance it is becoming easier and easier to play, create, and post digital content on the Internet.
    • Plugged In

    Social Media Can be as Valuable as Pencils in the Classroom

    Many teachers, parents, and administrators are afraid of the potential dangers associated with social media. Are there potential dangers associated with social media? Yes. However, do we ban scissors and physical education classes because there is a potential of danger? No. Within the safety of our classroom walls, we teach students safe practices until those practices become habits. That is also what we need to do with our students and social media.
    • Technology in Literacy Ed

    Using Digital Poetry with Reluctant Learners

    I chose to implement digital poetry as part of my writing instruction. Today’s students live in a multimedia world and my students were no different. They were very motivated to use technology and I felt that by integrating technology into a poetry unit, I could overcome the negative behavior of my students and engage them in the learning process.
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