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    Collaborative Classroom Ideas: Online Concept Mapping

    Using an online concept mapping program stimulates creative and critical thinking while allowing students to collaborate.
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    Rethinking Inquiry as a Cycle of Learning

    As a second-year doctoral student, I’ve given quite a bit of thought to the inquiry process over the last year. One approach I like to use is the Inquiry Cycle, featuring five actions: Ask, Investigate, Create, Discuss, and Reflect.
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    Share Student Portfolios with Ease

    Teachers are meant to ensure student growth and this growth is expected to be documented and demonstrated through student work.
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    Opening Doors to Digital Worlds With VoiceThread

    A local rural middle school teacher sought to shift her literacy instruction from less teacher-directed to more student-centered learning. Key in this transformation was the development of digital book projects by groups of students.
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    English Companion Ning: The Social Network for and by Teachers

    The English Companion Ning (ECN), is an online community “where English teachers go to help each other.”
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    Explain Everything: Using Screencasting Applications in the Classroom

    Screencasting tools such as Explain Everything allow teachers and students to create and share content with a wider audience.
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    Graphic Novels for the Digital Classroom

    When graphic novels are paired with digital readers or other mobile devices, it is a truly irresistible combination.  Although interactive graphic novel apps have been a bit slow to take off, there are some available. 
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    Creating Collaborative Spaces Using Padlet

    In simplest terms, Padlet is a digital wall where users can post content of their choice, including text, images, documents, and videos. Users can even add their own digital drawings.
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    Must-Have Language Arts Apps for Back to School

    For many teachers, planning the new year now includes making decisions about how technology will be integrated into the classroom. As mobile devices become more prevalent in the school setting, this can be an overwhelming task.
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    IRA Technology and Reading Award Winner Brings Positive Change to Title 1 Students

    This year's winner of the IRA Award for Technology and Reading, Stephanie Laird from Mitchellville Elementary School in Mitchellville, IA, uses technology to "level the playing field" for her students.
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    Technology Fuels Engaged Summer Reading

    Summers for middle school students in a mid-size city are a time for hanging out with friends, playing baseball, riding bikes, going to the local community centers, swimming, reading and going to the public library. What? Kids are reading and going to the library? Yes!
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    What Will You Do Differently?

    There are two major areas in the world of the classroom where a strong foundation paves the way to a smooth and productive year: communication and getting to know our students.  I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the strategies, practices, and tools I will be using in the upcoming school year in order to kick off the school year right.
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