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Teaching Tips

  • Digital Storytelling Projects Help Improve Reading and Writing

    Every year I research new technological trends that may benefit pupils in K-12 classrooms. This year, one of my topics is digital storytelling.
  • My Favorite Kind of Meeting: Individual Conferences in Action

    My favorite kind of meeting is the individual kind that happens between teacher and student during your writing block...
  • The IT Crowd: Student Tech Leaders Support Innovation and Build Literacy Skills

    This team, the RQMS Student Tech Leaders, is the first of its kind in our district and helps to facilitate current technology integration efforts in our school.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: The "Ize" Have It

    Ours is a wondrously flexible language. Not only does it have more than a million words, with new ones added/created each day, but we don’t frown on such additions or creations.
  • Does the Common Core Stifle Our Creativity?

    As a third grade teacher, I hear and see similar concerns among my fellow intermediate teachers every day. The new buzzwords are being tossed all over faculty meetings and trainings—close reading, text complexity, rigor, text-dependent questions, exemplar text, etc.
  • Now, that’s a Yarn! Literacy Learning through Crocheting

    As I crocheted on my own projects I got the idea to teach my students how to crochet, too. I hoped it would be the perfect balm for my classroom of socioeconomically challenged third graders.
  • Building a DIY Classroom Library

    When teaching at a Title I school, funding can be difficult to come by. In some cases, there are needs that simply cannot be met. This often includes foregoing a classroom library. But for me, having a classroom without a library was not an option.
  • Publish Student Writing with Flippable eBooks

    I recently attended a technology conference and learned about Lucidpress.com. Lucidpress is a free, web based publisher that includes a variety of artistic, user friendly templates that when completed can be saved to Google Drive.
  • Is Common Core Too Challenging for Kindergarten?

    I have been a teacher for quite a while. I truly love working with my kindergarten kids. Every year there are new challenges to teaching, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are definitely one of these challenges. But not in the way that many people think.
  • Start Small to Make Your Dream Classroom a Reality

    Raise your hand if you’d like to create a “picture-perfect” classroom—a place where your students are engaged and responding eagerly. A place where you hear the “Oh, man! We have to clean up already?” comments when your students just want to keep going.
  • Tips for Gamifying Your Classroom

    In the fall of 2012, during my first semester as a middle school language arts teacher, I taught my classes as a multi-player game (MPG). At the start of the year, I invited my students into a world I'd created and dubbed Veritas, and I asked them to take part in an adventure that would weave together tales from our literature study and narratives of their own making.
  • Can We Play Now?

    When I meet up with a group of teachers it is difficult to get us off the topic of teaching in today’s classroom. There are so many opinions about new standards, testing, teacher evaluations…the list goes on. We have a hard time talking about anything else because we are so consumed by the changes we see in our work lives.