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Let Reluctant Readers Go to the Dogs

Although everyone knows that kids and dogs are a winning combination I (as a former teacher of English and professor of teacher education specializing in literacy development) initially expressed skepticism that dogs trained to assist children with reading could help them become better readers. But then I learned about research-based international organizations, such as Reading Education Assistance Dogs program for registered therapy dogs.

Fly to Twitter for Online PD

Educators worldwide are very willing to share what they know and Twitter is a huge resource for professional development.

Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul

This week’s book reviews from the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group showcase the many dimensions of food.

Classroom May Be Out of Sight, It's Never Out of Mind

It was a long school year. We can use our summers wisely to rejuvenate ourselves. 

  • Response to NCTQ's 2014 Teacher Education Report

    by Peter Afflerbach, Annemarie Sullivan Palinscar, Virginia Goatley, and P. David Pearson
    June 25, 2014

    The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) issued its second review of teacher preparation programs June 17. We see little in the 2014 report to change our stance from last year regarding their efforts to assess the quality of teacher education for literacy instruction.

  • A Wealth of Digital Aids for Early Readers

    Various free and inexpensive websites and apps can be used strategically to augment print resources, including with primary-aged learners. Sites designed for young learners require minimal technology skills beyond clicking a mouse.
  • Book Reviews: Celebrating the Arts

    As the arts continue to play a critical role in supporting literacy development, the members of the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group (CL/R SIG) provide both nonfiction and narrative selections to integrate within the classroom. Each selection can be integrated within a theme and paired with other visual, print, and digital texts to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts and to explore multiple perspectives.
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