From Captain Underpants to The Hunger Games, Books Still Challenged Every Year

Every year hundreds of books are challenged and run the risk of being banned from our libraries. The most-challenged book for two years running? Captain Underpants.


Challenged Books Can Hold Great Insight

The CL/R SIG reviews some of the challenged books of the past year.

We’re Adding a Literacy Minute to Our Days – Are You?

IRA is taking the International Literacy Day 60-for-60 challenge!

Digital Poetry and Reluctant Learners

By using technology in a poetry unit, I could overcome the negative behavior of my students and engage them in the learning process.

  • Let Your Light Shine in our New 'Member Spotlight'

    Want to spotlight a colleague’s accomplishment or announce your own? In the ongoing effort to better serve our subscribers, Reading Today recently started a “Member Spotlight” section with the spotlight on—you guessed it—our members.
  • What is Your Advice for Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start?

    The beginning of the school year is an exciting time filled with meeting students, reconnecting with colleagues and former students, and starting important academic work. However, the first few days of school involve more than just fun icebreakers and syllabi creation.
  • Note-Taking for Digital Writing

    Note taking is an important skill, and is included in the Common Core Anchor Standards for Writing under “Research to Build and Present Knowledge.”  While taking pen to notecard may be the traditional way to develop a research paper, my classroom is 1:1 Chromebooks, and I wanted a way for students to be able to work on their research outside the classroom, collaborate with peers, and not worry about losing any (or all!) of their work.
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