Scholastic Teaching Resources

Counting and Questioning With Math and Science Books

Literacy doesn't end in language arts. Science and math books need a focus as well.

Are You Wrapping Up the 60-for-60 Mission?

IRA staff enter the last cycle of ILD 60-for-60 activities with the "best of."

Let IRA Be Your Guide Through a Loud Public Debate

At IRA, we believe our job is to ultimately inform good practice for education policy.

Online Fan Fiction as Literacy Tools

The educational argument for fan fiction sites might be closer to our classroom instruction than we think.

  • Hidden Strengths of Emerging Bilingual Readers

    In a recent study, children who appeared to have minimal comprehension of English texts when they were required to discuss these texts in English, revealed rich comprehension when they were allowed to talk about the texts using their native Spanish.
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