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Justin Stygles: Light the Fire in Your Students' Eyes

We shape the future—that is about as tried and true as clichés can be, but it’s very true. As we all prepare to start school again, from Mass Customized Learning to Units of Study to Teacher Evaluation Frameworks, there is one thing that never changes above all else. Are the students ready to come back and are they excited to have YOU as their teacher?


English Companion Ning: The Social Network for and by Teachers

ECN is an online community “where English teachers go to help each other.”

'You've Got Mail:' Correspondence at Its Finest

Our students developed wonderful friendships via old fashioned pen and paper letters.

Book Reviews: Getting the Year Started With a Good Book

Scaffold summer memories into learning moments during the first days of school.

  • 'RT' and 'JAAL' Editor Searches Open August 1

    Beginning August 1, 2014, the International Reading Association will accept applications for the editorships of The Reading Teacher and the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.
  • Response to NCTQ's 2014 Teacher Education Report

    by Peter Afflerbach, Annemarie Sullivan Palinscar, Virginia Goatley, and P. David Pearson
    June 25, 2014

    The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) issued its second review of teacher preparation programs June 17. We see little in the 2014 report to change our stance from last year regarding their efforts to assess the quality of teacher education for literacy instruction.

  • Building a Foundation for Writing Success

    Students should start from a successful point and writing should increase in difficulty and rigor throughout the year. Each student will have individual starting points and individual growth, but class whole-group lessons will benefit all. Students may start with writing their names, progress to writing predicable text and repetitive sentences, to constructing stories at varying lengths.
  • The Librarians Recommend…Back to School Excitement

    It’s hard to see the summer end, but students streaming back into the classroom gets our librarians excited to book-talk students and hand-sell their favorite picks to teachers. They know some kids haven’t cracked a cover over the entire break, but these educators have been making stacks of their favorite brand-new titles.
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