Member of the Month

  • Member of the Month: Geraldine Nanjala

    Dedicated teacher/librarian Geraldine Nanjala is bringing a love of reading to her Kenyan school.
  • Member of the Month: Janiel Wagstaff

    ILA Member Janiel Wagstaff sees literacy as a necessity for a successful life.

  • Member of the Month: Emily Keifer

    Emily Keifer, IRA member and frequent conference attendee, says literacy and multiculturalism are key in education.

  • Member of the Month: Judith Scott

    Longtime IRA member Judith Scott puts a focus on building vocabulary for a strong literacy foundation.

  • Member of the Month: Nakeiha Primus

    Nakeiha Primus first resisted her draw into teaching. Once she did embrace a career in education, she set off running into teaching and research.

  • Member of the Month: Judith Hayn

    Judith Hayn is a teacher's teacher who has been dedicated to spreading the use of young adult literature since the 1980s.

  • Member of the Month: Cindy Gerwin

    Cindy Gerwin was inspired to be a teacher by her father, but wound through theater, the business world and the fitness industry before she went back to college and earned a degree in education. She said she's never once regretted her journey, calling it an exploration of all sides of herself.
  • Member of the Month: Angelique Kwabenah

    Angelique is a reading specialist for the Washington, DC Public School’s Incarcerated Youth Program.
  • June Member of the Month: Barbara Ward

    In this Member of the Month interview, we learn about Barbara's path from a journalist to a middle grades educator to a professor, from Tennessee to New Orleans to Washington State, all the time reading and sharing a love of literacy with those around her.
  • May Member of the Month: Dana Reisboard

    This assistant professor of education at Widener University says, “Classrooms provide the best learning environment where we can engage students to learn from one another and about the world we share together.”
  • April Member of the Month: Debbie Rickards

    This Louisiana teacher is passionate about literacy and is excited for IRA in NOLA.
  • March Member of the Month: Shanne Bowie

    Louisiana Reading Association President Shanne Bowie shares her inspirations and proudest moments, and is excited to welcome thousands of colleagues to New Orleans in May.
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