Teaching with Tech

  • The Maker Movement and English Language Arts

    The ELA teachers I meet generally acknowledge Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as important, but wonder how they can integrate STEM principles into writers’ workshop or literature circles.
  • Adolescent Writing in Online Fanfiction Spaces

    Outside of the classroom, young adults are writing stories, creating art, producing songs, and engaging in role playing games to express their affinity for popular media franchises, such as The Hunger Games.
  • Exploring Text-to-Speech Readers for Students with Disabilities

    As nearly every teacher knows, students with disabilities have been increasingly included in general education classrooms. Nearly 6.4 million students, 13% of the total student population, are identified with disabilities...
  • Share and Connect: Join The #WALKMYWORLD Project

    Welcome to the #WALKMYWORLD project. Once a week, for ten weeks, we would like you to share with us a “walk” in your “world.” There really are no rules to this challenge.
  • eReading and eResponding: Motivating and Engaging All Learners

    24/7 access to digital discussions helped Kristen Webber’s behaviorally challenged students.
  • Flip the Screencast: Video Tutorials by Students for Students

    Students creating screencasts for their peers helps their digital literacy and their peers' knowledge.
  • Annotating Online: Reading and Writing the Web

    Chris Sloan from TILE-SIG suggests CiteLighter, Diigo, Crocodoc, and Mendeley for collaborative writing assignments.
  • #IRAchat: Project Based Learning

    It’s Digital Learning Day and what better way to celebrate than adding a Twitter chat to your plans? On February 13th at 8pm EST, we’ll be hosting the next installment of #IRAchat.
  • Using Blogs to Collaborate and Share

    Just as the TILE-SIG series on Reading Today Online provides a place for us to share ideas regarding issues in the field of technology and literacy education...blogs can be used in the classroom to foster collaboration and sharing among students and a wider audience.
  • Kidlink: Building Bridges and Promoting Social and Digital Inclusion

    Students share their dreams of how to make a better world on the Kidlink website and can connect to students and teachers worldwide to make them happen.
  • Using Chromebooks in the Classroom

    Janice Friesen visited a second grade classroom to observe their use of Chromebooks for reading and writing lessons.
  • Is Coding the New Literacy?

    Terry Atkinson and Jen Smyth explore the many ways that learning coding languages connects literacy education and STEM.
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