Teaching with Tech

  • Annotating Online: Reading and Writing the Web

    Chris Sloan from TILE-SIG suggests CiteLighter, Diigo, Crocodoc, and Mendeley for collaborative writing assignments.
  • #IRAchat: Project Based Learning

    It’s Digital Learning Day and what better way to celebrate than adding a Twitter chat to your plans? On February 13th at 8pm EST, we’ll be hosting the next installment of #IRAchat.
  • Using Blogs to Collaborate and Share

    Just as the TILE-SIG series on Reading Today Online provides a place for us to share ideas regarding issues in the field of technology and literacy education...blogs can be used in the classroom to foster collaboration and sharing among students and a wider audience.
  • Kidlink: Building Bridges and Promoting Social and Digital Inclusion

    Students share their dreams of how to make a better world on the Kidlink website and can connect to students and teachers worldwide to make them happen.
  • Using Chromebooks in the Classroom

    Janice Friesen visited a second grade classroom to observe their use of Chromebooks for reading and writing lessons.
  • Is Coding the New Literacy?

    Terry Atkinson and Jen Smyth explore the many ways that learning coding languages connects literacy education and STEM.
  • Unite for Literacy: Providing “Book Abundance” to Learners Across the World

    The Unite for Literacy library includes nonfiction picture books in Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Tagalog, and many more.
  • Wiggio: A Digital Tool for Collaboration in the Classroom

    While there may not be a lot of “bells and whistles” Wiggio has a great deal of capacity and potential for use in the classroom.
  • Studying World Geography via the iPad

    When I was a kid, maps were flat on the top of your desk. But in today’s world, students can see the world in 3D. Here are four great geography apps to try.
  • Expand Your Classroom Boundaries through Virtual Field Trips

    Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) are guided explorations of web resources where the content is usually connected by topic, theme, or concept.
  • TILE-SIG Feature: 'Tis the Season for Media Violence

    Rick FerdigRichard Ferdig investigates the challenges of using technology for literacy instruction in light of recent research and articles about violence in movies, games, and other media.
  • Collaborating to Support Multimodal Response & Composition

    Alexandra PanosMiddle Grades ELA Teacher Alexandra Panos collaborates with her school's library and media specialist on multimodal units using VoiceThread.
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