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Digital Literacies

    • Teaching with Tech

    Teaching Digital Safety With Professor Garfield

    A popular cartoon character teaches students Internet pitfalls.
    • Teaching with Tech

    Fostering Global Citizenship Online

    The Internet brings students together to change the world.

    • Teaching with Tech

    The Power of Responding With Voice

    Use online tools to diversify student feedback.
    • Plugged In

    New 'Toys' for Your Students’ Publishing Toolbox

    Julie Ramsay has some new places on the web for you to visit in the new year.
    • Teaching with Tech

    Spotlighting Online Literacy Resources

    There is seemingly no end to valuable online literacy resources.

    • Teaching with Tech

    Telling an Animated Story

    Teachers sometimes hesitate to fully embrace technology because it's scary and uncomfortable to try something new. But it can still be rewarding.

    • Plugged In

    PBL: Many Paths, One Destination

    Julie Ramsay shares four strategies she uses for PBL in her classroom.
    • Teaching with Tech

    Facilitating Online Discussions About Text

    There are tools to help organize and facilitate online comments for the classroom and beyond.
    • Teaching with Tech

    Online Fan Fiction Spaces as Literacy Tools

    As literacy educators continue to question how interest-based online spaces can inform classrooms, the case of fan fiction sites might be closer to our classroom instruction than we think.
    • Teaching with Tech

    Using Digital Notebooks for Modern Writing Students

    These titles can draw in struggling readers and still challenge more confident ones.

    • Teaching with Tech

    Fostering Historical Inquiry With Digital Video Composition

    What does digital video composition look like in the history classroom?
    • App a Day

    Taking Dyslexic Accomodations Mobile

    When we talk about dyslexia, we often talk about intervention, but an equally important part of helping a student with dyslexia is providing accommodations.

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