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    Diversity and Engaging the Reluctant Reader

    One of the greatest challenges for a reluctant reader is being able to become engaged in the story. When the reluctant reader cannot identify with a story or cannot relate to its characters, they quickly disengage.
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    Where Did All the Questions Go?

    When I ask a room full of 5- and 6-year-olds if they have any questions, I hear all sorts of funny stories and interesting comments.
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    Teach Math, Business, and More with ‘The Lemonade War’ could you write a story about competing lemonade stands without including math and business?
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    Differentiating: A Reading Achievement Game Changer

    Accommodations...I’m in favor if they support developing the skill of all readers in a class. However...
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    Digital Storytelling Projects Help Improve Reading and Writing

    Every year I research new technological trends that may benefit pupils in K-12 classrooms. This year, one of my topics is digital storytelling.
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    My Favorite Kind of Meeting: Individual Conferences in Action

    My favorite kind of meeting is the individual kind that happens between teacher and student during your writing block...
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    Are Some Books Better Than Others?

    At last year’s IRA conference, Rick Riordan said that as teachers it is our responsibility to get the right book in the hands of the right child.
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    The IT Crowd: Student Tech Leaders Support Innovation and Build Literacy Skills

    This team, the RQMS Student Tech Leaders, is the first of its kind in our district and helps to facilitate current technology integration efforts in our school.
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    Vocabulary Expansion: The "Ize" Have It

    Ours is a wondrously flexible language. Not only does it have more than a million words, with new ones added/created each day, but we don’t frown on such additions or creations.
    • Putting Books to Work

    Putting Books to Work: ‘Bear and Bird’

    “Bear and Bird” is the story of an unlikely friendship between a helpless bird and a helpful bear. The book begins with Bear finding a fledgling bird who has fallen from her nest.
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    Does the Common Core Stifle Our Creativity?

    As a third grade teacher, I hear and see similar concerns among my fellow intermediate teachers every day. The new buzzwords are being tossed all over faculty meetings and trainings—close reading, text complexity, rigor, text-dependent questions, exemplar text, etc.
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    Finding Courage and Resilience in Our Students

    It is the resiliency that I see in many of my first grade students that inspires me and helps me tap into my own courage and resilience to learn, research, and find the most effective practices to make a lasting, meaningful impact on my students.
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