The Engaging Classroom

    • Putting Books to Work

    Putting Books to Work: New Takes on the Civil Rights Movement

    The Civil Rights Movement is a treasure trove for work in the classroom.

    • In Other Words

    Kindergarten Writing Workshops Breed Success

    IRA members Arlene Schulze and Cindy Cate extoll the virtues of writing workshops for kindergartners.
    • In Other Words

    How I Win Grant Money

    Kip Glazer has worked hard on grant writing. Here, she shares what she's learned from the wins—and the losses.
    • Teaching Tips

    Small Twists With Big Impact

    IRA member Dorothy Suskind says change in the classroom helps her students succeed. Here are her top 10 "twists."
    • Teaching Tips

    How Teachers Everywhere Use One Minute for Literacy

    Teachers from around the world share their literacy minutes.
    • Putting Books to Work

    Putting Books to Work: Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

    Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins can be used in any classroom, regardless of age or faith.

    • Teaching Tips

    Letting Students Sort It Out

    Students who play a major role in classroom libraries get to practice persuasive argument and organization.
    • Quiet! Teacher in Progress

    Work Smarter By Making Them Work Harder

    They say work smarter, not harder. Part of that is making your students work.
    • In Other Words

    Gifted and Dyslexic: Twice Exceptional

    Sometimes students are pegged into a category, maybe "gifted" or "dyslexic." Some students are both.
    • Teaching Tips

    Super Core! Helps Students Embrace Writing Time

    Renee Dryer was able to use the book Super Core! to help her students fall in love with writing.
    • In Other Words

    'Gifted' Takes Different Forms in the Classroom

    There is more than one way in which students are "gifted."
    • In Other Words

    How Project-Based Approaches in Literacy Could Go Terribly Wrong (Or Powerfully Right)

    Project-based education has lots of potential for literacy development, but also potential pitfalls.

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