Rigorous Real-World Teaching and Learning

You're on a "Role" With Perspective Guides

Diane Lapp & Karen Wood, with Katie Stover & Lindsay Yearta

Meaningful learning is grounded in the deeper analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of information. Unfortunately, these essential skills often take a back seat in today’s test-driven education system. To remedy this, “The Point of View Strategy Guide” and “Interview Strategy Guide” from Lapp et al. suggest text-based forms of role-playing, or acting from the perspective of a real or imagined person or thing, to stimulate higher levels of critical thinking.

In question-based exercises, students draw inferences from texts and compare character perspectives with their own, sometimes in conjunction with multimedia sources such as Voki. The column also details the educational value of role-playing and its important applications to life beyond the classroom.

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You're on a Role With Perspective Guides

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