Abstract of Chapter 6

Measures of Success: Portraits of BOOKMATCH Readers


Linda Wedwick and Jessica Ann Wutz

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This chapter presents portraits of three readers from the authors' first-grade classrooms and their experiences with BOOKMATCH. Ronnie, Aggie, and Corey (pseudonyms)—whose self-selection behaviors are described as reluctant, transitional, and self-directed—each provide a glimpse into reading behaviors that you may see in your own classroom throughout your implementation of BOOKMATCH and independent reading. Assessment data for each reader is given, followed by a practical discussion of the instructional strategies that were given in response to each individual reader's needs. These portraits illustrate the impact of BOOKMATCH on reading instruction and how teachers can modify and differentiate instruction as needed. Regardless of the behaviors, each reader proved to find success with self-selection and independent reading. The chapter will show that the progress all readers can make, not just Ronnie, Aggie, and Corey, is a result of the environment, instruction, and empowerment.

Wedwick, L., & Wutz, J. (2008). Measures of Success: Portraits of BOOKMATCH Readers. In BOOKMATCH (pp. 92-107). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

BOOKMATCH: How to Scaffold Student Book Selection for Independent Reading

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