Comprehension Instruction Through Text-Based Discussion

Linda Kucan and Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar

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This book is designed to be six chapters and two appendixes. Chapter 1 provides an overview of current theory and research related to comprehension processes. The chapter also describes how theory and research have influenced approaches for teaching students how to engage in those processes. The concepts described inform the instruction that is presented in Chapters 2–5. In Chapters 2–5, we demonstrate how the planning process unfolds for each text and provide important tools to mediate that process: a discussion planning tool, a text analysis tool, and transcript analysis tools.

In Chapter 6, we place text-based discussion into a larger context, the current educational landscape in the United States and the Common Core State Standards. We also address features that contribute to implementation of text-based discussion in diverse classroom communities with English learners. This chapter addresses issues related to selecting a text for discussion, the teacher's role in discussion, and classroom norms that support a productive discussion context. Chapter 6 has its own set of video episodes that focus attention on establishing a classroom community that engages and supports student thinking and collaboration.

Kucan, L., & Palincsar, A. (2013). Introduction. In Comprehension Instruction Through Text-Based Discussion (pp. 1-2). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

Comprehension Instruction Through Text-Based Discussion

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