One Classroom, Many Learners

Best Literacy Practices for Today's Multilingual Classrooms

Julie Coppola and Elizabeth V. Primas, editors

This comprehensive volume provides important and timely information about how best to teach literacy to ELLs. Contributors have come together to share their ideas on important topics such as increasing engagement and motivation, improving content area instruction, addressing writing instruction, strengthening home–school connections, and providing professional development. Each chapter includes a review of relevant theory and research and classroom-based demonstrations of the connections among theory, research, and practice.

Chapters contain examples of students’ oral and written responses and, in many cases, teachers’ reflections on how they implemented the recommended practices. Each chapter concludes with questions to help you think about how the information applies to your own classroom. Teachers at all levels of experience can use the practices explored in each chapter to teach students from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, grades, and English proficiency levels.

© 2009 | 296 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-467-5

One Classroom, Many Learners

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