Going Bohemian

How to Teach Writing Like You Mean It
Second Edition

Lawrence Baines and Anthony Kunkel

You want everyone in your classes to learn to love literature, to become avid readers for the rest of their lives, to become accomplished writers and thinkers, to show tolerance for each other, and to work with indefatigable enthusiasm every day. You have no time to waste. You’ve decided to go Bohemian.

With these words, you enter the updated edition of an award-winning collection of writing strategies that have sparked true enthusiasm for writing in adolescent students—including reluctant students, English-language learners, and gifted writers. Bohemian writing lessons rely on unconventional strategies, art and multimedia, competitive games, and indirect approaches to teach some of the difficult lessons of writing. You too can watch your students' talents emerge as they engage in lessons such as The Delicate Art of Sarcasm, A Playlist for Holden, Adagio in Your Back Pocket, and Pensive Pirates!

Half of the lessons in Going Bohemian: How to Teach Writing Like You Mean It (2nd edition) are brand new and relate to crucial topics such as the fundamentals of writing, connecting writing to reading, building vocabulary, using visuals to spark creativity, and applying writing in real life. All of the 42 lessons in this book are classroom proven and can be worked into you current curriculum immediately. Lessons include reproducibles to use in your own instruction and student examples that show you what's possible.

Go Bohemian! And instill in your students high literacy standards, an artistic sensibility, and an unshakable belief in the power of words—leading them, ultimately, to increased success.

© 2010 | 224 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-830-7

Going Bohemian

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