In a Reading State of Mind

Brain Research, Teacher Modeling, and Comprehension Instruction

Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Diane Lapp


By connecting neuroscience research to a theory of modeling as an instructional best practice for reading comprehension, the authors have created a volume that actually does what many claim to do: connect research to classroom instruction in a manner that is sensible and usable by practitioners.
— Harvard Educational Review

Educators agree that teacher modeling is a key component of good instruction—but how do you model reading comprehension? What’s the best way to present new information so your students can convert it to working knowledge and useable skills?

This book–DVD combination seamlessly blends current research about the brain and learning with classroom examples to show you how instructional modeling can lead to increased engagement and literacy learning. You’ll learn what happens in the brain as a person reads and how to model your own thinking effectively. You also will meet a number of middle- and secondary-grade teachers who use modeling to help their students’ understand complex ideas. Chapters explore ways you can model comprehension and word solving strategies, as well as how to use text structures and text features to learn and retain information.

The included DVD (view clip) gives you an opportunity to see teacher modeling in action in real classrooms, and the final chapter in the book serves as a professional development guide with discussion questions that correspond to segments of the DVD.

© 2009 | 160 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-777-5

In a Reading State of Mind

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