Literacy Tutoring That Works

A Look at Successful In-School, After-School, and Summer Programs

Janet C. Richards and Cynthia A. Lassonde, editors

For tutoring to work, it must be thoughtfully and thoroughly conceived and planned, well-implemented, and supported by schools. That is no small task; and that is where this volume comes in.
Timothy Rasinski, from the Foreword

Learn how to

  • Begin a literacy tutoring program
  • Enhance or redirect the focus of your current program
  • Conduct research to inform your current tutoring initiatives

With this wide-ranging volume, literacy leaders, practitioners, and scholars will gain much-needed information about high-quality, evidence-based extended learning programs. Contributors present principles for designing effective tutoring programs in school, after school, and during the summer. They outline their programs and supply evidence that their tutoring initiatives benefit students’ literacy development. Most important, the authors clearly explain their work so that their tutoring programs and research can be replicated.

The volume provides a framework for education faculty, preservice teachers, and graduate students who want to coordinate a university or public school initiative. It also speaks to community volunteers and families engaged in literacy tutoring projects. And it offers information to classroom teachers, school administrators, reading coaches, and language arts supervisors who want to engage in literacy tutoring projects.

© 2009 | 240 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-694-5

Literacy Tutoring That Works

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