Building Struggling Students’ Higher Level Literacy

Practical Ideas, Powerful Solutions

James L. Collins and Thomas G. Gunning, editors

Struggling students can make substantial—and sometimes remarkable—progress toward full literacy if we teach them higher order skills and knowledge rather than focusing instruction and assessment on lower level tasks. Here’s a resource that shows you highly effective approaches for reaching that goal.

The ideas in these pages are based on the realities of today’s classrooms as well as cutting-edge research. Chapters demonstrate a multifaceted approach that integrates reading, writing, and talk as well as affective factors, such as engagement and persistence. What’s more, contributors write from direct experience with struggling readers and writers and their teachers, giving you practical solutions for helping students overcome particular difficulties with literacy learning.

And, to enhance your own classroom practice, each contributor has provided an Action Plan segment to help you implement ideas immediately, as well as a list of Questions for Study and Reflection you can use as part of a self-directed study or in school-based professional development.

© 2010 | 336 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-687-7

Building Struggling Students' Higher Level Literacy

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