How to Scaffold Student Book Selection for Independent Reading

Linda Wedwick and Jessica Ann Wutz

Teachers are becoming increasingly concerned that an overreliance on leveling and readability formulas hinders students’ choices and potential to be engaged and interested in what they are reading. Fortunately, this user-friendly book shows you how to break away from this approach by using BOOKMATCH, an instructional tool that empowers students through choice and independence while showing them how to strategically and effectively select “just-right” books. In doing so, you will learn to set up and manage an effective independent reading time in which students truly engage in the practice of reading while building a positive attitude.

BOOKMATCH is a tool that is easily incorporated into your existing curriculum and with learners of varying ability levels, and with BOOKMATCH, you’ll be able to assist in the independent reading progress made by each student and support their comprehension and self-awareness as literacy learners.

© 2008 | 144 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-619-8

BOOKMATCH: How to Scaffold Student Book Selection for Independent Reading

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