Puzzle Them First!

Motivating Adolescent Readers With Question-Finding

A. Vincent Ciardiello

One of the finest monographs on questioning and motivation that I have read.
Richard T. Vacca, Professor Emeritus, Kent State University, and IRA past president

Vincent Ciardiello suggests that to truly learn, students should be puzzled about new knowledge. Question-finding, the unique strategy described in this book, fosters this learning by leading adolescent students to probe the multiple meanings of text and ask challenging, open-ended questions. Focus units illustrate how you can use question-finding across the curriculum.

In each chapter, the author encourages you to “pause and ponder” and “ponder and practice” to reinforce and apply the question-finding concepts. Other practical tools include

  • An annotated list of materials and resources that stimulate question-finding
  • A sample lesson plan that demonstrates the strategy
  • A glossary of important concepts and specialized terms that help you understand the question-finding process

Use this resource to motivate and engage your students and help them become independent readers and inquirers.

© 2007 | 216 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-581-8

Puzzle Them First! Motivating Adolescent Readers With Question-Finding

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