The Literacy Coach’s Survival Guide

Essential Questions and Practical Answers

Cathy A. Toll

What Is This Book About? Who Is It For?

Section 1: How Do I Promote Change?

Chapter 1
What Do the Experts Say About Educational Change?

Chapter 2
Why Is Change So Difficult?

Section 2: What Does a Successful Literacy Coach Do?

Abstract Chapter 3
PDF How Do I Begin My Work as a Literacy Coach?

Chapter 4
What Are the Qualities of an Effective Literacy Coach?

Chapter 5
How Can I Communicate Well With Teachers?

Chapter 6
How Do I Coach Individuals?

Chapter 7
How Do I Coach Teacher Teams and Study Groups?

Section 3: How Do I Coach in Difficult Situations?

Chapter 8
How Do I Deal With Difficult Teachers?

Chapter 9
What About This Issue?

Chapter 10
How Do I Survive This Job?

What Do Coaches Do? What Don't They Do?

Appendix A
Key Questions Answered in This Book Listed by Topic

Appendix B
A Narrative Bibliography: Where Do These Ideas Come From?



The Literacy Coach's Survival Guide

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