Standards for Reading Professionals

As the world's leading association of literacy professionals, IRA works diligently to define and describe what reading educators should know and be able to do. For more than two decades, IRA's professional standards have been used by policymakers, university and school administrators, teacher educators, and teachers at all levels to inform pre- and in-service teacher preparation and professional development and to guide professional practice.

Standards 2010

Standards for Reading Professionals--Revised 2010The current edition of IRA's standards is Standards for Reading Professionals—Revised 2010.

(Note: Teacher educators and university administrators anticipating NCATE review beginning in 2010 or later should familiarize themselves with this edition of the professional standards. Beginning fall 2012, all program reports submitted to NCATE must use the 2010 standards.)

Standards 2003

During the transition from the 2003 to the 2010 standards, those submitting reading specialist/literacy coach program reports to NCATE using the 2003 standards should email to Research Division at IRA headquarters for the necessary documents and materials.

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