Global Conversations in Literacy Research (GCLR) Seminar

Pat Edwards
Pat Edwards

Susan Piazza
Susan Piazza

Free and open-access web seminar presented by Dr. Pat Edwards and Dr. Susan Piazza

“The Impact of Family on Literacy Development: Convergence, Controversy, and Instructional Implications”

In this presentation, Drs. Edwards and Piazza will discuss the importance of the family in the literacy support of children’s learning.  In their talk, these scholars will focus on the agreements and disagreements within the research community regarding how to work with families around literacy issues. Specifically, this presentation (1) highlights the areas of convergence around the impact of the family on literacy development, (2) defines the different courses of action for working with families, (3) presents support statements from researchers for the different courses of action, (4) discusses key studies,) and (5) issues new challenges to the research community.

Global Conversations in Literacy Research (GCLR) is a series of interactive, free, and open-access web seminars that feature cutting-edge literacy research conducted by international literacy researchers including James Paul Gee, Allen Luke, Pat Edwards, Julia Davies, Bonny Norton, Patrick Shannon, among others. Founded in 2009 by Dr. Peggy Albers, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA, GCLR hosts seven web seminars annually which begin in September and end in May. Web seminars are one-hour live seminar presentations in which audience members can interact with the speaker and with other audiences around the globe in real time.

As a critical literacy project, GCLR’s mission is to use new and emerging technologies to connect with global audiences and exchange ideas on literacy theory, research, and practice, to reshape how literacy research can be shared globally, and to acknowledge that diverse, multiple and global perspectives are vital resources for changing consciousness around literacy research and practice.

To see upcoming web seminars for 2013, please go to GCLR’s website at GCLR also invites audience members to create learning groups, create literacy clubs in which groups attend and discuss seminars together. For more information and/or be added to GCLR’s listserv, please contact Dr. Peggy Albers at GCLR has a Facebook page, and you can follow GCLR on Twitter @GCLR_GSU to receive updates on seminar speakers, topics, and dates/times.

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