Adolescent Literacy


The 21st century has brought with it a tremendous evolution in how adolescents engage with text. As adolescents prepare to become productive citizens, they must be able to comprehend and construct information using print and nonprint materials in fixed and virtual platforms across disciplines. The International Reading Association offers this updated position statement as a guide for supporting adolescents’ ongoing literacy development.

The Association believes that adolescents deserve

  • Content area teachers who provide instruction in the multiple literacy strategies needed to meet the demands of the specific discipline
  • A culture of literacy in their schools with a systematic and comprehensive programmatic approach to increasing literacy achievement for all
  • Access to and instruction with multimodal, multiple texts
  • Differentiated literacy instruction specific to their individual needs
  • Opportunities to participate in oral communication when they engage in literacy activities
  • Opportunities to use literacy in the pursuit of civic engagement
  • Assessments that highlight their strengths and challenges
  • Access to a wide variety of print and nonprint materials

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