Style Guide: O

OCIRA = Ohio Council of the International Reading Association

OCLC = Online Computer Library Center (information/cataloging system)

occur, occurred, occurring, occurrence

ODBC = Open Database Connectivity (A standard method of sharing data between databases and other programs.)

OERI = Office of Educational Research and Improvement (of U.S. Dept. of Education)

Office of Educational Research and Improvement = OERI


Ohio Council of the International Reading Association = OCIRA

OISE = Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

OK (preferred over okay in WNWD)

Oklahoma Reading Association = ORA

one-on-one (hyphenate as adjective preceding its noun; otherwise open)


online (preferred over the hyphenated form on-line)
APA 6th, WNWD, and CMS 15th, and specify on-line as the proper form of an adjective preceding its noun. However, NCTE journals use the closed form, online. IRA writers and editors should use online for the sake of consistency with our former electronic journal, Reading Online.

online bookstore
Note this change in IRA style: "online bookstore" will no longer routinely be capitalized.

Online Computer Library Center = OCLC

online directory

Online Marketplace
  1. The term Online Marketplace constitutes the name of IRA's e-commerce site and should therefore be capitalized in most applications. The phrase is lowercased only when used explicitly as a generic term: IRA's Online Marketplace, like any other online marketplace, invites users to choose among a wide variety of products.
  2. The term Marketplace, when used as a shortened form of Online Marketplace, should also be capitalized.

on-screen (adjective preceding noun)

on site / on-site
This term is hyphenated as an adjective preceding the noun it modifies (an on-site inspection, on-site services). In other uses it is left open (the services are delivered on site). Thus, “Attendees who fail to preregister by March 3 must register on site. On-site registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, May 8, 2011.”

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education  = OISE

Open Database Connectivity = ODBC

Open Society Institute = OSI

ORA = Oklahoma Reading Association or Oregon Reading Association

Ordinary least squares

Oregon Reading Association = ORA

OSI = Open Society Institute (Soros)

out-of-school (adj.)







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