IRA Award for Technology and Reading

The IRA Award for Technology and Reading honors educators in grades K–12 who are making an outstanding and innovative contribution to the use of technology in reading education.

There will be one grand-prize winner, seven U.S. regional winners, one Canadian, and one international winner. All entrants must be educators who work directly with students ages 5–18 for all or part of the working day.

Submission deadline: November 15, 2014

IRA Award for Technology and Reading Application
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Award Recipients

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson is an elementary school teacher and currently teaches intermediate students in the Durham District School Board in Ontario, Canada. Additionally, she is employed as a Research Assistant at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She is in the process of completing her M.A. in Education in Digital Technologies at UOIT. Stephanie’s areas of interest include digital literacies, critical media literacy and digital storytelling. She has taken part in several research projects exploring social justice, the effects of media on adolescents, and the use of social networking systems and mobile devices in the intermediate classroom.

Regional Winners

East Regional Winner – Lauren Bakian
Southeast Regional Winner – Monica Prather
West Regional Winner – Peter Count
Grand prize winner
Malea Ellison

Regional winners
Plains – Sheila K. Berenson
Southeast – Meagan Lynn England
Grand prize winner
Eric Claravall 

Regional winners
East – Rosalia Carraba, Sheila Herr, and Kristin Krypell
Plains – Brandi Leggett
Soutwest – Amy Cantrell
Grand prize winner
Travis Macy

Regional winners
Great Lakes – Kerry Carrico
East – Mary Bauer, Mary Moran, and Suzanne Valenza
Plains – Clayton Schrader
Southeast – Patricia Hooker
Soutwest – Amy Cantrell
West – Isabel M. Lee
International – Becky Dickson
Grand prize winner
Kelly Killorn

Regional winners
Tiffany-Amber Dorris
Tracy Tarasiuk
Abbigail Yellman with Kristie Carney
Kate Kniss and Andrea Hayden
Cullen Weeden
Steve Guadarrama
Grand prize winner
Carol I. Greig

Regional winners
Lori McEntee and Julia Fones
Michelle Tanner
Tiia Kunnapas
Gretchen Storey
Steve Guadarrama
Karen Kessel
Stephanie St. John
Grand prize winner
Larry Ferlazzo

Regional winners
Kathy Cassidy
Rachael Ogbin
Janette C. Stubbs
Eric Benson
Sara R. Van Abel
Jo Ann Merritt
Amy Cantrell
Eric Langhorst
Helena Marie Stevens
Grand prize winner
Andrew Schofield

Regional winners
Gloria Antifaiff
Mary Gerber
Jennifer Jensen
Karen Parker
Tabatha Otto
Jennie M. Warmouth
Linda Wells
Grand prize winners
Joan Zaremba
Scott Rhoades
Thomas Dzicek
Carla Kennedy

Regional winners
Kathy Cassidy
Marsha Goren
Monica Edinger
Ron Purtlebaugh
Barbara Wright
Carlinda Rex
Margriet Ruurs
Susan M. Rogers
Jon B. Van Wagoner
Grand prize winner
Deborah B. Wasylik

Regional winners
Daniel Mills
Gale Tidwell
Gloria Tolbert
Mary Glendening
Katherine Nell McNeil
Karen Eini
Jill Nagrodsky
Grand prize winner
Denise Zacherl

Regional winners
Nardaya Dipchand
Mary Blanchard
Suzanne L. Cottrell
Pamela L. Jimison
Cindy M. Morden
Paula Rogers
Marianne Rossi
Grand prize winners
Patricia Taverna and Terry Hongell

Regional winners
Nardaya Dipchand
Danielle Armstrong
John M. Cowger
Jenni Keith
Maggie Samudio
Mona E. Grib
Patricia Hellman-Reid
Grand prize winner
Irene Huschak

Regional winners
Gloria Antifaiff
Caryl M. Jones
Rebecca Kelly
Kristi Miller
Anne Wall
Grand prize winner
Jay C. Stailey

Regional winners
Gloria Antifaiff
Mirja Ollila
Beth Bouchard
Susan Silverman
Jennifer Rosenboom
Connie Reimann
Elizabeth Rohloff
Patricia Williams
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