IRA Jeanne S. Chall Research Fellowship

The IRA Jeanne S. Chall Research Fellowship is a US$6,000 grant established to encourage and support reading research by promising scholars. Its special emphasis is to support research efforts in the following areas: beginning reading (theory, research, and practice that improves the effectiveness of learning to read); readability (methods of predicting the difficulty of texts); reading difficulty (diagnosis, treatment, and prevention); stages of reading development; the relation of vocabulary to reading; and diagnosing and teaching adults with limited reading ability.

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Award Recipients


"Do Spellings of Words and Phoneme Segmentation Training Facilitate Vocabulary Learning in Preschoolers"

Robin O'LearyRobin O'Leary
Queens College, The City University of New York

After a successful career in theatrical performance, Robin O'Leary decided to pursue another lifelong goal of becoming an early childhood teacher. She holds an M.S.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Robin was a teacher and school director for the NYC Administration for Children's Services Division of Early Childcare and Education, and the growing Universal Pre-Kindergarten program in New York City. Robin's concern and interest for young children led her to explore preschooler's letter name knowledge, phonemic awareness and mnemonic value for orthography with her adviser Dr. Linnea Ehri. Robin is currently an adjunct lecturer in the fields of education and reading at Queens College and Teachers College, respectively.
Susan Gray
The City University of New York
Adult Literacy and Citizenship: Empowering Struggling Readers with Morphological Instruction and Civics
Krystal Werfel
Vanderbilt University
Seamus Donnelly
Hunter College
Sebastián Aravena
University of Amsterdam
Hyo Jin Lim
University of Southern California
Understanding Diversity in Reading Development of English Learners: A Longitudinal Study Using Latent Class Growth Models
Michael James Kieffer
Cambridge, MA
Suzanne M. Adlof
University of Kansas
Grammatical Knowledge of Children with Specific Reading Comprehension Difficulties
Laura R. Hedin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The effect of think-aloud instruction on struggling readers' self-monitoring, comprehension, and self-evaluation
Tiffany P. Hogan
University of Kansas, Lawrence
Lexical representations and phonological awareness
Julie Rosenthal
City University of New York
The mnemonic value of orthography for elementary students learning new vocabulary words
Latisha L. Hayes
University of Virginia
Phonics instruction in beginning reading: A scientifically-based investigation of word study
Yuuko Uchikoshi
Harvard University School of Education
The acquisition of English as a second language: An individual growth modeling approach
Michelle A. Drouin
University of Oxford, England
Rhyme and complex language: A reading intervention study with at-risk three to four year olds
—Not Given—
Kathleen F. Clark
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
The instructional scaffolding of very effective primary grade teachers in high-poverty schools
Sherri L. Horner
CUNY Graduate Center
The effects of observational learning on preschoolers' alphabet knowledge
—Not Given—
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