Maryland Writers Conference

  • Dates: 20 – 20 Oct, 2012
  • Location: Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Address: University of Baltimore's Thumel Business Center, 11 W. Mt. Royal Ave
  • Website:
  • Phone: 443-293-7745

Gifted, best-selling author Marita Golden, who writes "the way I live in and respond to the world," will join a full agenda of leading publishers, agents and editors who will speak at the 2012 Maryland Writers Conference at the University of Baltimore on October 20 and meet with local writers.

Golden will deliver the keynote address, ‘The Changing Tides’ and lead an interactive panel discussion, ‘How to write a story your readers will never forget.’ As an author of more than a dozen works of fiction and nonfiction, Golden is favorites with book clubs, college courses, and she is recognized as having added depth and complexity to the canon of contemporary African American writing.

At the conference, which is sponsored by the Maryland Writer’s Association, prose and poetry writers will meet a literary agent, find an editor, and learn a thousand publishing tips. Writers can chose from more than 20 different workshops and panel discussions by published authors, editors, agents, and publishers. Topics include “Writing for Personal Growth & Publication,” “Sell Worthy Query Letters,” “What Editors Look for in Freelance Writers,” “From Book to Script to Movie,” “50 Shades of Marketing Your Poetry,” “Children’s Writing Past, Present, and Future,” and “Writing Romance that Sizzles.”

Unique to this conference is the opportunity to book 10-minute pitch sessions to discuss a manuscript with leading literary agents and editors.

The Maryland Writers' Association  is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization which brings together writers of all stages and disciplines, serving as an information source, helping members make contacts that lead to publication. Membership is widely diverse, from published authors and freelancers to writers aspiring to get published. Chapters across the state give writers and editors a place to meet and join or form critique groups.


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