Children's Literature in the Reading Program

An Invitation to Read
Third Edition

Deborah A. Wooten and Bernice E. Cullinan, editors

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Richard L. Allington

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Bernice E. Cullinan, Deborah A. Wooten

Section One: Genre Studies

  • Chapter 1
    Exploring Visual Images in Picture Books
    Cyndi A. Giorgis

  • Chapter 2
    Graphic Novels in Education: Cartoons, Comprehension, and Content Knowledge
    Stergios Botzakis

  • Chapter 3
    Using Postmodern Picture Books in the Classroom
    Elizabeth A. Swaggerty

  • Chapter 4
    Discovering the Many Layers in Nonfiction Books: An Author's View
    James Cross Giblin

  • Chapter 5
    Yes, Poetry Can!
    David L. Harrison

  • Chapter 6
    Series Books for Young Readers: Seeking Reading Pleasure and Developing Reading Competence
    Anne McGill-Franzen

  • Chapter 7
    Learning Through Literature That Offers Diverse Perspectives: Multicultural and International Literature
    Junko Yokota

Section Two: The Role of Children's Literature in the Classroom

  • Chapter 8
    The Surreptitious Role of Children's Literature in Classrooms That Aim to Be "Exemplary"
    Nancy Roser, Audra K. Roach, Michelle D. Horsey

  • Chapter 9
    Young Writers Use Mentor Texts
    Jane Hansen

  • Chapter 10
    Responding and Comprehending: Reading With Delight and Understanding
    Lauren Aimonette Liang, Lee Galda

  • Chapter 11
    Enhancing Learning: Implementing Content Area Children's and Young Adults' Literature
    Carole S. Rhodes, Janice Smith

  • Chapter 12
    Inviting All Students Into the Literacy Arena Through Writing and Sharing Connections
    Deborah A. Wooten, Patricia W. White

  • Chapter 13
    So Many Books—How Do I Choose?
    Colleen P. Gilrane

Section Three: Reaching Beyond the Classroom Walls to Support Literacy and Learning

  • Chapter 14
    Teacher and School Librarian Collaboration: Imagine a Partner
    Gail Bush

  • Chapter 15
    Using Literature to Build Home and School Connections
    Sophie C. Degener


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Children's Literature in the Reading Program

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