Meeting the Challenge of Adolescent Literacy

Practical Ideas for Literacy Leaders

Judith Irvin, Julie Meltzer, Martha Jan Mickler, Melvina Phillips, and Nancy Dean

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Section I: Student Motivation, Engagement, and Achievement

Abstract Chapter 1
PDF What Can Literacy Leaders Do to Improve Student Engagement With Reading and Writing?

Chapter 2
What Can Literacy Leaders Do When Low Expectations Have a Negative Impact on Student Motivation and Achievement?

Chapter 3
What Can Literacy Leaders Do When Data Show That Most Students Do Not Read or Write on Grade Level?

Chapter 4
What Can Literacy Leaders Do to Close the Literacy Achievement Gap Among Groups of Students Within a School?

Chapter 5
How Can Literacy Leaders Capture and Enhance Student Interest in Technology to Prepared Them to Use Multiple Literacies?

Section II: Integrating Literacy and Learning

Chapter 6
When Literacy Leaders Observe in Content Area Classrooms, What Kinds of Literacy Support Should They See?

Chapter 7
How Can Literacy Leaders Improve Content Area Writing Instruction and Increase the Amount of Quality Student Writing in all Content Areas?

Chapter 8
What Can Literacy Leaders Do When Instructional Strategies Are Disconnected From Learning Goals, Content Objectives, or Student Needs?

Chapter 9
How Can Literacy Leaders Set Up Effective Language and Literacy Development for Adolescents who Are English-Language Learners?

Chapter 10
What Can Literacy Leaders Do to Provide a Smooth and Positive Transition for New Students to Ensure That Students Experience Ongoing Literacy Development?

Section III: Sustaining Literacy Development

Chapter 11
What Can Literacy Leaders Do to Get Widespread, Active Support for a Schoolwide Literacy Improvement Effort?

Chapter 12
How Can Literacy Leaders Create a Schedule That Provides Time for Teacher Collaboration and Planning as Well as Adequate Time for Students to Read, Write, and Learn?

Chapter 13
How Can Literacy Leaders Best Develop Teachers as Potential Leaders and Mentors to Their Colleagues?

Chapter 14
How Can Literacy Leaders Help the School Library Media Specialist Support and Improve Content Area Literacy Instruction?

Chapter 15
How Can Literacy Leaders Better Understand, Value, and Build Upon the Contributions That Families and Communities Make to Students' Literacy Development?

Chapter 16
How Can Literacy Leaders Sustain a Schoolwide Literacy Improvement Effort Despite Transition of School and District Leaders or High Teacher Turnover?

Appendix A

Appendix B
Vignettes of Literacy-Rich Classrooms

Appendix C
Reproducible Tools/Forms for Literacy Leaders



Meeting the Challenge of Adolescent Literacy

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