Guiding Readers Through Text

Strategy Guides for New Times
Second Edition

Karen D. Wood, Diane Lapp, James Flood, and D. Bruce Taylor

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Part I: Using Strategy Guides in K–12 Classrooms

Chapter 1
Introduction: From Study Guides of the Past to Strategy Guides for the Present and Future

Chapter 2
Getting Started With Strategy Guides

Part II: Collaborative Guides

Chapter 3
Collaborative Listening–Viewing Guide

Chapter 4
Interactive Reading Guide

Chapter 5
Reciprocal Teaching Discussion Guide

Part III: Thinking Guides

Chapter 6
Critical Profiler Guide

Chapter 7
Inquiry Guide

Chapter 8
Learning-From-Text Guide

Chapter 9
Multiple-Source Research Guide

Chapter 10
Point-of-View Guide

Part IV: Statement Guides

Chapter 11
Anticipation Guide

Chapter 12
Extended Anticipation Guide

Chapter 13
Reaction Review Guide

Part V: Manipulative Guides

Chapter 14
Foldable Guide

Chapter 15
Origami Guide

Part VI: Text Structure Guides

Chapter 16
Analogical Strategy Guide

Chapter 17
Concept Guide

Chapter 18
Pattern Guide

Part VII: Process-of-Reading Guides

Chapter 19

Chapter 20
Process Guide

Abstract Chapter 21
PDF Reading Road Map

Chapter 22
Textbook Activity Guide

Part VIII: Transferring to Independent Learning

Chapter 23
Student-Developed Guide



Guiding Readers Through Text

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