Learning About Print in Preschool

Working With Letters, Words, and Beginning Links With Phonemic Awareness
Second Edition

Dorothy S. Strickland and Judith A. Schickedanz

Learning about print is a critical component of early literacy, key to young children’s success with beginning reading and school readiness. To help your students become strategic early readers and writers, you need to know the print-related skills and instructional strategies necessary for developing preschoolers’ knowledge of print. The second edition of Learning About Print in Preschool, part of the Preschool Literacy Collection, will help you do this—and much more—with its all-new professional development guidelines.

The strategy-based chapters focus specifically on how to target three key predictors of early literacy success and school readiness: concepts of print, phonemic awareness, and alphabet knowledge. The practical presentation includes a rationale for use of each strategy, step-by-step instructions on implementation, variations, and guidelines for accommodating differences.

To extend your learning of the book's best practices, chapters feature professional development guidelines for use with long-term programs, whole-school teacher education, smaller teacher study groups, or individual teachers. These guidelines, which include chapter-specific suggestions for reflection and discussion, interactive activities, and follow-up, will help you integrate knowledge and strategies into an instructional plan that is intentional, organized, and developmentally appropriate.

© 2009 | 104 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-477-4

Learning About Print in Preschool

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