Breaking the Silence

Recognizing the Social and Cultural Resources Students Bring to the Classroom

Catherine Compton-Lilly, editor

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Catherine Compton-Lilly

Abstract Introduction
PDF Sociocultural Considerations for Students and Classrooms: The Case of Alicia Rodriguez
Catherine Compton-Lilly

Part I: Considerations for Sociocultural Teaching

Chapter 1
New Literacy Studies: Learning Through a Sociocultural Lens
Joanne Larson

Chapter 2
"Decontextualized Language" and the Problem of School Failure
James Paul Gee

Chapter 3
"O Say, Do You See?": Using Critical Race Theory to Inform English Language Arts Instruction
Arlette Ingram Willis, Kimberly N. Parker

Chapter 4
"First, Do No Harm": A Cautionary Consideration of Classroom Research From a Sociocultural Perspective
Deborah Appleman

Chapter 5
Cultural-Historical Approaches to Literacy Teaching and Learning
Mariana Pacheco, Kris Gutiérrez

Part II: Working with Diverse Students and Families

Chapter 6
Unpacking the Science Fair: Sociocultural Approaches to Teaching English-Language Learners
Margaret Hawkins, Kathleen Nicoletti

Chapter 7
Posing, Enacting, and Solving Local Problems in a Second-Grade Classroom: Critical Literacy and Multimodality in Action
Melissa Mosley, Rebecca Rogers

Chapter 8
This Is How We Do It: Helping Teachers Understand Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Diverse Classrooms
Adrienne D. Dixson, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner

Chapter 9
Diverse Families, Welcoming Schools: Creating Partnerships That Support Learning
JoBeth Allen

Chapter 10
Basketball, Rap, and SmackDown: Popular Culture and Literacy Learning
Catherine Compton-Lilly

Catherine Compton-Lilly


Breaking the Silence

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