Texts for Course Adoption

IRA publishes foundational works by established leaders and exciting new research and ideas for practice from ground-breakers. Our books are ideal as core or supplemental texts—and they’re affordable for student budgets.

See something that interests you? Request an exam copy. And don’t miss information on discounted pricing for orders from university bookstores.

Once you’ve reviewed your exam copies or adopted a text, send us feedback!

Great Recommendations for Teacher Education

Critical Topics

Outstanding Practice

The Foundations

Most Frequently Adopted

Looking for More?

The titles above are only a few of the IRA texts faculty are using in teacher education courses. To find the perfect title to match your course content, please

And don't miss IRA's peer-reviewed journals, a mainstay of teacher education for decades. Subscriptions for students begin at just $14.

If you would like to speak with a customer service representative who can help recommend titles for your courses or assist with your exam copy request, call 800-336-7323.

And please send us your feedback on the exam copies you review and the texts you adopt!


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