Summer Reading

Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap

Richard L. Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen, editors

Allington and McGill-Franzen have assembled an impressive array of evidence to document the importance of providing students with access to books, particularly in those critical summer months when low income students lose so much ground to their wealthier peers. Even better, they and their colleagues have shown us how to make voluntary reading programs work, especially for low-achievers. This could be the foundation of a reform movement that stands a chance of closing the achievement gap between rich and poor that haunts American schools.

—P. David Pearson
University of California, Berkeley

Summer reading loss accounts for roughly 80% of the rich/poor reading achievement gap. Yet far too little attention is given to this pressing problem. This timely volume now offers not only a comprehensive review of what is known about summer reading loss, but also provides reliable interventions and guidance.

Written by acknowledged experts and researchers on reading, remedial reading, and special education, this collection describes multiple models of innovative summer reading and book distribution initiatives. It also provides research-based guidelines for planning a successful summer reading program, including tips on book selection, distribution methods, and direction for crucial follow-up. Most important, the authors clearly show how schools and communities can see greater academic gains for students from low-income families using the methods described in this book than from much more costly interventions.

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Summer Reading

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