Join the Global Literacy Revolution!

Can you read this sentence?

Approximately 800 million people in the world can't.

Yes, that's right. Today, there are approximately 800 million people in the world who cannot read or write and may struggle to earn their livelihood because they are not able to fully participate in society.

The International Literacy Association wants to change this, and we need your help!

For the past 60 years, we've provided teachers and leaders like you with the resources and expertise to support and inspire your students and each other. We've replaced reading with literacy in our name, to become the International Literacy Association, because it's our cause, our passion, and our reason for being.

We work tirelessly to empower others through literacy, and we know you do, too. As leaders and educators, you are on the front lines of literacy learning. We want to empower you with the practical resources and the supportive community you need to transform lives through literacy!

Join ILA and you'll join the global literacy revolution. By becoming a Member, you'll gain

  • Practical, research-based teaching resources to help you become a more engaged and empowered educator
  • Access to a community of teachers, experts, leaders, and lifelong learners (like you) for networking, inspiration, and guidance
  • A cause to root for and champion and a way to help ILA spread literacy to every corner of the world

We're transforming the world through literacy! Join us!

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Join ILA

IRA Bridges: Instructional Units for the Engaging Classroom
The best reasons to join ILA:
  • Getting all the practical tools and inspiration you need to transform lives through literacy
  • Belonging to a global community that is committed to a crucial cause
  • Being the champion of a meaningful movement (and impacting countless lives for the better)

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