More than two dozen affiliates and councils serve the needs of reading professionals in Europe. IRA activities in the region are coordinated by the International Development in Europe Committee. For detailed information about each affiliate, please visit the IDEC website at:

Find out more directly from the organizations listed below, or contact IRA headquarters.

National Affiliates

Austrian Literacy Association (ALA)
Oesterreichische Gesellschaft zur Erforschung und Foerderung des Lesens und Schreibens
Affiliate No. A6A00
Founding Year: 1974
Year Chartered: 1975
Margit Böck, President

Belgium (French speaking)
Belgian Francophone Reading Association (BELFRA)
Association Belge Pour la Lecture- Section francophone (ABLF)
Affiliate No. B2A00
Founding Year: 1974
Year Chartered: 1975
Anne Godenir, President

Belgium (Flemish speaking)
Flanders Reading Association (FLARA)
Affiliate No. B1A00
Year Chartered: 1983
Caroline Andries, President

Bulgarian Reading Association (BulRA)
Affiliate No. B6A00
Year Chartered: 2003
Lydia Dachkova, President

Croatian Reading Association
Affiliate No. C8A00
Year Chartered: 1997
Vlasta Stubicar, President

Czech Republic
Czech Reading Association (CzechRA)
Společnost pro podporu a rozvíjení čtenářství
Affiliate No. C9A00
Year Chartered: 2003
Radka Wildová, President
Marie Ernestová, Contact Person

Læsepædagogen Danish Council of International Reading Association
Landsforeningen af Læsepædagoger
Affiliate No. D5A00
Year Chartered: 1950
Gert Niemann, President

Karen Maass, Vice-president/International Contact or

Estonian Reading Association (EstRA)
Eesti Lugemisühing
Affiliate No. E5A00
Founding Year: 1992
Year Chartered: 1993
Maili Vesiko-Liinev, President
Kadi Lukanenok, Contact Person

Finnish Reading Association (FinRA)
Affiliate No. F3A00
Year Chartered: 1971
Virpi Ravolainen, President
Ann-Sofie Selin, International Secretary

Association Française Pour La Lecture (AFL)
Affiliate No. F6A00
Year Chartered: 1967
Michel Piriou, President

German Society for Reading and Writing
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lesen und Schreiben (DGLS)
Affiliate No. G5A00
Founding Year: 1968
Year Chartered: 1968
Prof. Dr. Alfons Welling, President

Hellenic Association for Language and Literacy (HALL)
Affiliate No. G7A00
Year Chartered: 1995
Eufimia Tafa, President

Hungarian Reading Association (HunRA)
Affiliate No. H8A00
Year Chartered: 1992
Janos Gyori, President

Icelandic Reading Association
Affiliate No. I1A00
Year Chartered: 1993
Erna Arnodottir, President

Reading Association of Ireland (RAI)
Affiliate No. I5A00
Year Chartered: 1978
Karen Willoughby, President

Israel Reading Association
Affiliate No. I6A00
Year Chartered: 1968
Shlomo Alon, President

Latvian Reading Association
Affiliate No. L3A00
Year Chartered: 1993/2004 renewed
Sandra Kalnina, President

Lithuanian Association for Reading and Cultural Literacy
Year Chartered: 2012
Rūta Elijošaitytė, Chairperson

Luxemburg Reading Association
Charles Berg, President


Macedonia (FYROM)
Reading Association of Macedonia (MaRA)
Affiliate No. M1A00
Year Chartered: 2005
Anica Petkoska, President

The Netherlands
Reading Association in the Netherlands (RAIN)
Affiliate No. N1A00
Year Chartered: 1990
Jeroen Clemens, President
Website under development. Please visit the IDEC Dutch Association page at

Norwegian Reading Association (NoRA)
Norsk forening for leseopplæring
Affiliate No. N6A00
Founding Year: 1986
Year Chartered: 1992
Målfrid Skoglund, President

Portuguese Association for Literacy
Affiliate No. P9A00
Year Chartered: 1997
Maria de Lourdes Dionisio, President

Romanian Association for Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RO RWCT Association)
Asociaţia Lectura şi Scrierea pentru Dezvoltarea Gândirii Critice România
Affiliate No. R5A02
Founding Year: 2002
Year Chartered: 2008
Ariana-Stanca Văcăreţu, President

Reading Association of Russia (RAR)
Year Chartered: 2010
Natalia N. Smetannikova, President

Slovenian Reading Association
Bralno društvo Slovenije
Affiliate No. S2A50
Founding Year: 1995
Year Chartered: 1997
Zoltan Jan, President

Veronika Rot Gabrovec, IDEC Representative

Spanish Association for Reading and Writing
Affiliate No. S4A00
Year Chartered: 2005
Estela D’Angelo Menéndez, President (Readers Cities and Towns Network-Spain) (for children) (Latinoamerican Projects “Write as readers”)

Swedish Council of the International Reading Association
Affiliate No. S6A00
Year Chartered: 1965
Ulla-Britt Persson, President

Swiss Reading Forum
Affiliate No. S8A00
Year Chartered: 1992
Peter Gyr, President

United Kingdom
United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA)
Affiliate No. U3A00
Year Chartered: 1967
Alayne Öztürk, President

Henrietta Dombey, IDEC Representative

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