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Global Operations Brochure

The Global Operations Unit of the International Reading Association (IRA) works to enhance the professional development and institutional capacity of literacy educators while developing and implementing sustainable partnership programs worldwide. IRA affiliates, established in 76 countries, including 42 developing countries, are independent, organized homegrown structures dedicated to excellence in literacy. As a membership organization, IRA offers a unique model that brings together key elements of successful programs:

  • a strong network of grassroots educators
  • an exceptional corps of first-rate expert literacy volunteers
  • an unmatched reservoir of research-based instructional resources

For more information on IRA's international activities, please contact the Global Operations Unit at

PDF Download the Global Operations Brochure - English

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International Volunteers

IRA's worldwide network provides resources and support to literacy teachers and learners around the globe. Volunteers are an important part of our efforts. If you are interested in becoming a technical advisor or trainer, please submit an International volunteer recruitment form.

The Global Literacy Professional Development Network

The Global Literacy Professional Development (GLPD) Network is a comprehensive literacy teacher training program that addresses the educational challenges facing developing countries today. It provides core instruction for primary teachers to improve the types of strategies they use with students, and engage students more actively in effective classroom instruction.

The objectives of the GLPD Network are to

  • design, implement, and support a high quality literacy teacher professional development network
  • improve literacy teacher practices
  • improve student literacy learning experiences
  • improve literacy teacher performance at the end of a three-year implementation cycle
  • employ face-to-face and virtual professional development and networking to enhance program success

PDF Full GLPD Program Brief


A Practical Guide to Action Research for Literacy Educators

Practical Guide to Action Research

In celebration of International Literacy Day 2012, the Global Literacy Professional Development Network and IRA's Global Operations Unit released A Practical Guide to Action Research for Literacy Educators. Written by Glenda Nugent, Sakil Malik, and Sandra Hollingsworth, the guide provides valuable information and practical tips for educators in any setting who are interested in improving their practice by using Action Research.

PDF icon Download the Guide - English | PDF icon Download the Guide - Arabic

Early Grades Reading Toolkit

Early Grades Reading Toolkit

"First Principles for Early Grades Reading Programs in Developing Countries" is a toolkit which was developed for USAID by IRA in collaboration with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) as a tool for education officers in USAID missions in the field to help them to incorporate reading into new Requests for Proposals (RFP) for future development projects. This toolkit was written by IRA Member Kathy Roskos and IRA Past President Dorothy Strickland.

PDF icon Download the Early Grades Reading Toolkit

Teaching to Read: Theory, Practice and Intervention

Ensenando a Leer: Teoria, practica e intervencion

"Enseñando a Leer: Teoría, práctica e intervención" (Teaching to Read: Theory, Practice and Intervention) by Liliana Borrero Botero was published in 2008 by Editorial Norma, a publishing company that distributes to all Spanish-speaking countries. (Therefore, it should be available in the most important bookstores in Latin America). It is a compilation of the scientific literature in English on best practices on literacy instruction.

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