Standards 2010: Standard 5

Literate Environment

Candidates create a literate environment that fosters reading and writing by integrating foundational knowledge, instructional practices, approaches and methods, curriculum materials, and the appropriate use of assessments.

The Literate Environment Standard focuses on the need for candidates to synthesize their foundational knowledge about content, pedagogy, the effective use of physical space, instructional materials and technology, and the impact of the social environment to create an environment that fosters and supports students’ traditional print, digital, and online reading and writing achievement. This standard recognizes that candidates must create a literate environment that meets the diverse needs of students and facilitates connections across content areas as well as with the world outside the school.

The following are the major assumptions of the Standards 2010 Committee for developing this standard and its elements:

  • An effective literate environment offers both visible and “invisible” support (i.e., psychological, social, emotional) to learners as they expand their literacies.
  • The goal of the literate environment is to create a flexible border between the world outside the classroom and school to the world within (i.e., making the curriculum permeable to the social context). Learning should extend beyond the walls of the educational context to explore the potential for acts of literacy that affect the world outside.
  • Learners require a literate environment that affords them the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways by providing time, accessibility, tools, choice, and support.
  • Student learning is positively impacted by positive teacher dispositions, such as high expectations, a carefully crafted physical environment, and a safe, low-risk social environment.
  • To meet the needs of learners, a coconstructed literate environment must continually change as interests and focal points for learning shift over time.
Matrix of Standard Elements by Professional Roles
Research and Supporting Literature

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