Standards 2010: Pre-K and Elementary Classroom Teacher

Pre-K and Elementary Classroom Teachers are professionals responsible for teaching reading and writing to students in either a self-contained or departmentalized setting at the pre-K or elementary levels. These professionals may also be responsible for teaching content such as social studies or science. Regardless of their role, these individuals must be able to provide effective instruction for all students in the classroom, from those who struggle with learning to read to those who need enrichment experiences. These teachers collaborate with reading specialists and other professionals to improve instruction and to modify the physical and social environments as needed.

For certification, a Pre-K and Elementary Classroom Teacher Candidate must have the following:

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree with a major in early childhood/elementary education
  • Reading and reading-related course work (typically 9–12 credits) that enables the candidate to demonstrate mastery of elements identified in Standards 2010
Matrix of Professional Role by Standards

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