New Literacies and 21st-Century Technologies


To become fully literate in today's world, students must become proficient in the new literacies of 21st-century technologies. IRA believes that literacy educators have a responsibility to integrate information and communication technologies (ICTs) into the curriculum, to prepare students for the futures they deserve. We believe further that students have the right to

  • Teachers who use ICTs skillfully for teaching and learning
  • Peers who use ICTs responsibly and who share their knowledge
  • A literacy curriculum that offers opportunities for collaboration with peers around the world
  • Instruction that embeds critical and culturally sensitive thinking into practice
  • Standards and assessments that include new literacies
  • Leaders and policymakers who are committed advocates of ICTs for teaching and learning
  • Equal access to ICTs

PS 1067
(This position statement was adopted by the IRA Board of Directors in May 2009. It replaces the 2001 position statement on "Integrating Literacy and Technology in the Curriculum.")

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